The constitutive session of the new Assembly will be held on May 28

Photo: Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia

The constitutive session of the Assembly is scheduled for next Tuesday, May 28. The session until the election of the new president of the Assembly, according to the Rules of Procedure, will be chaired by the oldest member of parliament, and in the newly elected assembly it is the member of parliament Merita Kolci Kodjadzaku.

The parliamentary press service informed today that the President of the Assembly Jovan Mitreski, based on Article 9 paragraph (2) of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly, held a meeting with the representatives of the political parties represented in the newly elected Assembly, at which the constitutive session was decided by consensus, after the holding in the eleventh parliamentary elections, to be held on May 28, 2024, Tuesday, at 11 a.m.

President Mitreski informed the attendees that the agenda of the constituent session, according to the Rules of Procedure, will have three points, that is, the election of the Verification Commission, the election of the Commission on Elections and Appointments, and the election of the President of the Assembly.

The constitutive session, according to the new Rules of Procedure, lasts a maximum of three days, and the Assembly is constituted by the election of the assembly president.

Today's meeting was attended by Nikola Miceski from the "Your Macedonia" Coalition - VMRO-DPMNE; Oliver Spasovski from the Coalition for the European Future - SDSM; Arber Ademi from the "European Front" Coalition; Halil Snopce from the "Vlen" Coalition; Borislav Krmov from the Left party and Boban Karapejovski from the ZNAM Movement - For our Macedonia.

The meeting was also attended by Merita Kolci Kodjadziku, as the oldest MP, as well as the General Secretary of the Assembly Cvetanka Ivanova.

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