Konjufca acquitted of the charge of throwing tear gas in the Assembly of Kosovo in 2016

photo MIA

The basic court in Pristina passed today an acquittal for the current president of the Assembly of Kosovo. Glaucus Conjufca, accused of throwing tear gas in the assembly hall during a plenary session in 2016, reported the correspondent of MIA from Pristina.

The verdict was announced today by Judge Edita Chanta, without the presence of Konjufca at the hearing.

The indictment states that in the Assembly of Kosovo on August 10, 2016, as a deputy of the Self-Determination Movement (VV), then an opposition party, Konjufca threw a tear gas canister into the hall, due to which the deputies were prevented from staying in it, reports the non-governmental organization that follows Kosovo's judiciary, "Oath of Justice".

According to Judge Chanta, it has not been proven that Konjufca committed the crime of "Use of a weapon or dangerous means", because none of the witnesses incriminated him.

The prosecutor Besart Mustafa, in the closing address of the hearing held on the 23rd of this month, requested that Konjufca be punished for the crime he is accused of, while Konjufca's defense attorney, lawyer Arbnora Zeqiri, requested that he be acquitted.

On February 03.02.2017, 10.08.2016, the Basic Prosecutor's Office in Pristina submitted an indictment against Konjufc, accusing him of two crimes. The opposition MP at the time was accused that "on XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX, during a session in the hall of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo..., in his capacity as a member of parliament, in violation of the law, he used a weapon, in such a way that he threw tear gas into the hall during the session" .

With this, Konjufca was accused of having committed the crime of "Using a dangerous weapon or weapon" under Article 375 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, which is punishable by one to eight years in prison. The charge of injuring an official in the performance of his official duty was rejected by the court.

The current speaker of the Kosovo parliament defended himself by remaining silent throughout the trial.

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