Finally Ivermectin is coming to Macedonia!

Ivermectin / Photo by Sandrine Mulas / AFP / Profimedia

The health authorities decided to give the green light to the medicine, which costs only ten euros and has been proven to help in the treatment of covidium. Ivermectin, the drug that in numerous scientific studies has been proven to help patients with covid-19 not to reach the hospital bed, but to withdraw their symptoms early, in the first phase of the disease, Macedonian citizens have been receiving it from Greece through smugglers!

The expert commission formed by the Minister of Health has prepared a positive opinion on the drug Ivermectin and will send it to the Malmed Drug Agency, after which this drug can be legally imported to Macedonia, "Free Press" has learned from official sources.

Ivermectin gives hope, but it is not in our hospitals

It was not registered in the Macedonian pharmacies, and it was not in the hospitals either. "Free Press" got in touch with several patients from Macedonia who ordered Ivermectin through their own channels from Greece, and paid 1200 denars for four pills of three milligrams. The price in Greece is lower, ie it is ten euros, and our sources paid a delivery margin, ie the profit of the suppliers.

However, ivermectin is now included in the protocol for the treatment of patients with covid-19, which was adopted by the expert collegium of the PHI University Clinic for Pulmonology and Allergology and covid-19 centers in the internal medicine unit, the Ministry of Health told Free Press.

The expert opinion of our health authorities is that Ivermectin is a proven safe drug and that in all studies for covid-19 it has shown extremely positive results. While the management of the Drug Agency MALMED claimed to be up to date with the activities taking place worldwide and with the scientific research on ivermectin, The patients from Macedonia procured from Greece the medicine which is cheap from their own people. It is also accepted by medical professionals as prevention, but this is not talked about openly.

The director of the Drug Agency, Ljirim Shabani, for "Free Press" claims that the Agency has asked the Commission for Infectious Diseases to give an expert opinion on whether Ivermectin is a good medicine to be imported in Macedonia. After this expert opinion from the Commission, the medicine can be approved in our country as well.

- We have submitted a request from the companies, ie from the suppliers to the Commission for Infectious Diseases and we are waiting to get an expert opinion because that is what the law requires. The law requires us to have a justification for approving the import and we are waiting for an expert response from the Commission for Infectious Diseases so that we can act. "We are in communication with this and we are running the vaccines in parallel, so I believe that soon we will have something concrete," Shabani told Sloboden Pecat.

Medical experts including Professor Nikola Panovski and former Minister of Health Dr. Dragan Danilovski openly supported Ivermectin.

- I would give ivermectin. But the decisions are elsewhere. I will repeat, I consider ivermectin superior to remedsivir, Danilovski said in November, adding that the drug remedisivir is expensive, and in the United States it costs $ 3.000 per patient and must be given in a hospital. In contrast, ivermectin can be taken at home, is a cheap drug, and has been shown to reduce mortality.

Greece is not the only country in the region to be baptized in Ivermectin as a medicine. In Bulgaria it is already an integral part of hospital protocols. Acibadem City Clinic is a hospital in Sofia, where ivermectin is officially introduced in the hospital treatment of cove-19.

Professor Dr. Ivo Petrov from this hospital, says for the Bulgarian media that it is too early to say more, but when the drug is applied in the first few days after the onset of symptoms, they subside significantly faster, the disease progresses more severely and less often requires intensive oxygen therapy, including intubation. As a health worker, he takes the medicine for his personal prevention, because he is in daily contact with over 20 positive patients in the covid ward.

- So far, our impressions are positive. We also use it in milder cases, cases that start with milder symptoms, because we do not know how the disease will develop, whether the symptoms will become more severe. There is even a protocol according to which it is accepted as prevention. There are two such studies on health professionals working in covid centers. I was the first to experiment with this drug, I took the two doses required in the protocol and I have no side effects and so far I am negative. I am not infected, and I have 20 positive patients around me that I examine every day and it has been like that for more than three weeks, says Dr. Petrov.

Ivermectin is used for many viral, parasitic and bacterial diseases. The list is long and it includes Ebola, Zika virus and many other parasites. It is one of the safest drugs created in the history of medicine where it has been used for more than 40 years. There are over 25 studies demonstrating the high efficacy of ivermectin as a prevention, early treatment and hospital treatment.

Studies show that ivermectin is the only factor that reduces the duration of fever and it is most useful if used in the first days after the onset of symptoms. If ivermectin is delayed and started five days after the onset of fever, the ability to react declines. In the last three decades, ivermectin has been prescribed in 3.7 billion doses worldwide. It is also used to eliminate head lice.

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