A concert of the chamber ensemble "Altus" with soloists will be held at the 47th DMM

Rehearsal for the concert of the "Altus" ensemble

The last concert of the spring program of the 47th Days of Macedonian Music (DMM) is the performance of the chamber ensemble "Altus" with soloists under the baton of the French conductor Pascal Gallois.

The concert will be performed on the small stage at the NU Philharmonic on April 17, starting at 20 p.m. Entrance to the concert is free.

The program includes works by Macedonian composers Blagoj Tsanev (1937-2020), Jana Andreevska (1967), Mihajlo Trandafilovski (1974), Pande Shahov (1973), Valentina Velkovska Trajanovska (1976) and Ana Pandevska (1985).

Soloists at the concert are Gonca Bogoromova Krapovski - soprano and Milena Damnjanović - soprano.

The conductor of the concert with the "Altus" ensemble is the guest from France, Pascal Galois, and the members of the ensemble are Elena Stojcheska - flute, Igor Ivanov - clarinet, Martin Dimitrov - violin, Marko Widenović - viola, Pascal Krapovski - cello, Antonie Veskovski - percussion. instruments and Marijana Nikolovska – piano.

The next concert of the 47th DMM is in the autumn season, which will start on September 17 with a performance by the piano duo Jasmina Trajcheska and Lovorka Nemesh Dular.

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