Towards the end of June, SDSM will get a new president, Kovacevski and the leadership have resigned

SDSM Executive Board Photo: SDSM

Although the nomination procedure for the leadership position has not yet started, it is already clear that there will be more candidates for the party president, such as Slavjanka Petrovska, Stefan Bogoev, Jovan Despotovski, and it is possible that Venko Filipche, Petre Shilegov will also be involved...

The race for a new president of SDSM begins after Dimitar Kovachevski submitted his resignation to the members of the Executive Board, after the disastrous defeat in the parliamentary elections. The party body concluded that the direct intra-party elections for a new SDSM leader should be held in June. The elections for a new president will probably be held at the end of June. Unofficially, the main discussion in the Executive Board, which lasted almost six hours, was whether the party should return the old principle of electing the president, that is, instead of direct elections, the congress should choose the leader. However, the position that the party president chooses the membership became more difficult.

Although the nomination procedure for the leadership position has not yet started, it is already clear that there will be more candidates for the party president, because some of them have already expressed such ambition, such as Slavjanka Petrovska, Stefan Bogoev, Jovan Despotovski, and it is also hinted that Venko Filipce, Petre Shilegov can also enter the race...

Apart from the election of the president of the party, the SDSM is also expected to hold an accountable congress, which according to the Statute is held after every election. At the congress, according to the items of the proposed agenda, the president and the leadership of SDSM should report on the period from December 2021 to May 2024, and the Central Election Headquarters should also give a report regarding this year's double elections. A discussion of the congress delegates is planned for these points, after which confidence will be expressed in the SDSM bodies elected by the congress.

- At the session, President Dimitar Kovachevski confirmed his resignation from the post of president of SDSM and initiated the convening of an accountable congress. According to Article 68b of the Statute and the withdrawal of the president of the party, the Executive Board concluded that the statutory deadlines for organizing new direct intra-party elections for the election of the president of SDSM are beginning to run. Since the elected Central Election Commission, in accordance with the Statute, still has a mandate, the same composition will carry out the procedure for new immediate intra-party elections for the election of the SDSM president - the party announced.

The Central Election Commission, based on the party statute, should propose a rulebook with a proposal for the implementation of the direct intra-party elections. Working groups will carry out active membership registration for voting in direct internal party elections as well as for the organization of an accountable congress.

- The members of the Executive Board, as well as the members of the management of SDSM, the vice-president, the vice-presidents, the general secretary, the organizational secretary, the secretary for international cooperation, resigned from their positions. The members of the Central Board are also urged to follow the example as a moral act of responsibility. With the withdrawal of the president of SDSM, all presidents of municipal organizations and the president of the city organization are resigning, considering the fact that they were appointed by the president, and they will perform their duties until new ones are elected - the party announced.

Kovacevski, on the other hand, officially submitted his resignation from the leadership position at the beginning of the meeting of the Executive Board, which he announced on the evening of May 8, after the election defeat. Immediately after the election defeat, Vice President Fatmir Bitici resigned, and a day or two later, Vice President Pero Kostadinov. Later, Sanja Lukarevska also resigned from the post of vice-president.
Kovachevski informed the public about his resignation in a letter to the media, with an almost identical address that he gave on the evening of May 8. He located the responsibility for the catastrophic defeat, just like on the day of the elections, in the leadership, but also in all the appointed and elected officials of the party from the lowest to the highest level. According to Kovacevski, former party officials are also deserving of the defeat.

- In the parliamentary and presidential elections, the SDSM suffered a defeat, which gave it a heavy blow, not only from the citizens, but also from the sympathizers, some of the current, as well as some of the party members organized in another political entity, and stimulated by former holders of high party positions - wrote Kovacevski.

He demanded that all the necessary decisions be made for organizing a SDSM congress to analyze the election results and organize intra-party elections, according to the party's Statute. Some party officials appreciate that a general overhaul of the party is needed, its reconstruction, a return to the political roots of social democracy.
SDSM finished the parliamentary elections with 154.687 votes and only 18 deputies, which is the weakest election result since they existed as a party.

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