"Communal hygiene": We, not the Bulgarians, cleaned the Gotse monument

Photo: Wikipedia

The Skopje public enterprise "Communal hygiene" informs the public that the announcements of "certain provocateurs" whose photos surfaced on the Internet are false, claiming that they were cleaning the monument of Gotse Delchev in the City Park in Skopje.

"The Gotse Delchev monument, as well as numerous other monuments around the city, are subject to acts of vandalism and continuous damage. Only at the Monument of Gotse Delchev, the Public Enterprise "Communal Hygiene" in the past month even undertook a full cleaning action three times with appropriate mechanization, means and human resources", say the Public Enterprise "Communal Hygiene".

From there they condemn the act of placing a flag of a foreign country on the memorial.

"The fact that someone puts the flag of a foreign country on our signs, and also falsely takes credit for the work of the Public Utility Company, presenting it as their own, is further condemnable and we call on the competent institutions to investigate the case and take appropriate measures." they say from the Public Enterprise.

They appeal and call for awareness among citizens - not to vandalize and damage monuments and public areas.

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