Today, the Commission for Culture will review the draft law on the use of the Macedonian language

Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

The draft law on the use of the Macedonian language will be considered today in the Parliamentary Committee on Culture. The proposer of the law is the Ministry of Culture, and it aims to revive language culture, nurture and protect the Macedonian standard language and its Cyrillic script, affirming the need for increased social and individual concern for correct use in public and official communication, respect and improving the language standard and organizing activities in that direction

The draft law will provide a legal basis for adopting a national strategy for the Macedonian language. The Ministry of Education and Science will announce competitions for staff scholarships for studying the Macedonian language. As before - and with this law, the verification of the necessary professional knowledge for proofreading will be carried out by taking an exam for obtaining a proofreading license. In order to carry out inspection supervision over the application of the law, it is proposed to establish an Inspectorate for the use of the Macedonian standard language, a body within the Ministry of Culture with the capacity of a legal entity, it is stated in the draft law on the use of the Macedonian language.

In addition to the Committee for Culture, the Committees for political system and relations between communities and for supervision over the implementation of measures to monitor communications will also be sitting in the Parliament today. The members of the Commission for Political System and Inter-Community Relations will discuss the Annual Report on the implementation of the National Strategy for the Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest 2021-2025, and the Commission for Supervision over the Implementation of Measures to Monitor Communications on the Information on the Operation of The operational-technical agency.

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