The compressors failed during an operation on a child and a cancer patient, but no one told Minister Taravari

Arben Taravari / Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

The Minister of Health, Dr Arben Taravari today he visited the surgical clinics in the Clinical Center. There has been a problem with the main compressor station for more than a month, so the operating rooms are operated with external compressors. When asked by "Sloboden Pechat" if the directors told Taravari that on two occasions, in two operations, their external compressor failed, during an operation on a child and a cancer patient - the minister said that he did not receive such information.

- I don't have such information, at least today I was in abdominal and orthopedics, I also met with the directors. I can check, then let us know, said Dr. Taravari.

He said he had spoken to all surgical clinic directors and the director of general services.

- In some operating rooms there is no smell, and in abdominal surgery a smell is felt. That is why anesthesiologists do not allow the central compression system to function. I expect a report tomorrow or the day after, from the tests done.

I am interested in how we can solve the problem as soon as possible. I need a few days to make a decision - do we go for a quick solution to the problem by opening a new purchase and installing a completely new system, or can this be fixed. I will tell you by Friday, said Taravari.

The number of operations is reduced and lower than the period when the central compressive system worked. There is no long-term solution and a huge number of patients who need surgery are suffering.

The new compressor station costs half a million euros and the period for full implementation is until the end of December if the existing system cannot be repaired.


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