The Commission on Infectious Diseases recommended preventive measures to protect against monkey pox

Photo: Profimedia

Commission for Infectious Diseases at today's meeting, he analyzed the current situation related to the appearance of a suspected case of measles in the earth. It was established that all competent institutions are actively involved in the process of epidemiological analysis, laboratory confirmation and isolation of the suspected case, it was announced. Ministry of Health.

The Commission for Infectious Diseases recommended the introduction of isolation/quarantine measures, i.e. isolation in home or hospital conditions of suspected monkeypox cases until they are tested, isolation of confirmed cases in home or hospital conditions until the end of the disease or healing of the scabies, as well as daily epidemiological contact tracing of confirmed monkeypox cases during the 21-day incubation period.

The Commission on Infectious Diseases reaffirms the recommendation to the Ministry of Health to take all necessary preventive measures.

In the meantime, the Institute of Public Health has to check the sample for testing a suspected case of monkeypox. The patient is from Kichevo, in good health and there is no need for hospitalization, said the president of the Commission for Infectious Diseases Dr. Aleksandar Petlichkovski.

"The patient has been located." He was contacted by the competent epidemiologist in Bitola and the initial epidemiological survey was completed. We have available tests and the IJZ should have an answer as to whether it is monkey pox," said Dr. Petlichkovski for Sitel television.

The patient from Kicevo got a rash on his body a few days ago, which is one of the symptoms of monkeypox

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