Komercijalna banka is the first in the country to introduce tactile payment cards, easier access to finances for the visually impaired

Payment card / terminal

Tactile payment cards differ from the existing ones in terms of their shape, they have special and rounded cuts, and this is a plus step towards bringing banking products closer to these citizens.

The replacement of ordinary payment debit and credit cards with tactile ones, introduced for the first time in the country by Komercijalna banka, has begun. These cards, above all, should help blind people and people with vision impairment to identify them more easily, they are safer and, most importantly, they will be able to replace them for free by the end of the year. Although they are mainly intended for the visually impaired, such cards will also be received by the Bank's other customers as they expire. The change, due to the large number of debit and credit cards that are in circulation, will last one to one and a half years, according to KB.

- Tactile payment cards differ from the existing ones in terms of their shape, they have special and rounded incisions, and this is a plus step towards bringing banking products closer to these citizens - said Nikola Dzambazovski, chief director for sales and development and member of the Board of Directors of CB.

Tactile cards are a continuation of previous adaptations provided by KB for greater financial inclusion and accessibility to banking products for blind and partially sighted people.

– The bank accepts a facsimile as a handwritten signature, has adapted the electronic bank for blind people, and allows our employees to be witnesses for bank transactions of blind people. The bank has also implemented trainings to inform blind people about the benefits of electronic banking, working with a current account and opening a safe, all with the aim of this category of customers reaching everything they need for their personal finances - added Dzambazovski.

The president of the National Union of the Blind, Zarko Selkovski, said that the introduction of tactile cards is a significant step for the use of banking services for the visually impaired.

- We believe that the realization of such initiatives will not only raise the level of awareness of the needs of visually impaired people, but will also inspire other companies to follow this example and get involved in creating a more inclusive society - said Selkovski. He also presented how the mobile application works in the Macedonian language, which provides all the necessary information about the financial situation of visually impaired people. At the same time, Selkovski advocated for setting up voice ATMs that could be used by people who have at least part of their vision left, the way it works in several western countries.

Blind people are also waiting for an appointment for new documents

Asked if they have any discount when scheduling an appointment to take pictures for a new passport or identity card, Selkovski answered for "Sloboden Pechat" that they, like other citizens in the country, struggle to make an appointment at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

- We don't have any special benefit, and family members, relatives, friends or neighbors help us with scheduling - said Selkovski.

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