How many shipments are delivered on time and how many are lost: analysis of courier services in Serbia

Courier services in Serbia delivered 80,50 percent of parcels within one day, while 3,16 percent of parcels had a transit time of more than five days, according to the analysis conducted by RATEL on the operations of five postal operators with significant market power , writes H1.

The regulatory body for electronic communications and postal services - RATEL, in the period from October to December 2023, conducted a comparative measurement and analysis (benchmarking) of the quality parameters of express services, for five postal operators with significant market power.

According to the measurement, the average transfer time of express shipments in Serbia is 1,26 days.

"The average time required to establish communication with a call center operator when requesting to pick up a shipment at an address is three minutes and 10 seconds. "The average time from submitting a request to pick up the parcels to the arrival of the courier at the address is four hours and 16 minutes," RATEL said in a statement.

As for requests to pick up shipments that were not realized, there is an average of 35,20 percent (requests that were rejected immediately when calling the call center or a courier did not come to pick up the shipment).

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