The SDSM coalition with 17 thousand more votes has the same number of MPs as the European Front

The coalitions led by SDSM and DUI equaled the number of mandates received in the new Assembly, after yesterday's re-voting in seven polling stations, DUI lost one deputy in the sixth electoral unit, which was won by the Vredi coalition.

Now in the new Assembly, the coalitions of DUI and SDSM will each have 18 deputies, Vredi 14, Left 6, ZNAM 6 and the winner of the parliamentary elections VMRO-DPMNE 58 deputies.

After the re-voting, which left the European Front without one MP, SDSM is the second political force in the country.

The SDSM coalition has a total of 154.444 votes won in the parliamentary elections, while the DUI coalition has a total of 137.690 votes.

According to the laws, some state functions such as the president of the SEC, MRTV, AVMU belong to the second political force...

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