Coconut "kisses": Make this cake, it will immediately become your favorite!

Photo: Profimedia

If you are among the coconut lovers, these "coconut kisses" will quickly get under your skin. In addition to their beautiful appearance, they bring with them pleasure in your stomach, because they are the most delicious thing you will try.


  • 4 eggs (whites)
  • 250 g powdered sugar
  • 120 g of coconut flour
  • 50 fl flour


Whisk together four egg whites. Add 250 g of powdered sugar, then 120 g of coconut flour. Boil everything on steam or low heat and stir to thicken. Then cool the mixture a little, then add 50 g of flour. Using a spoon, form equal piles on a greased baking sheet. Dry them, ie leave them to harden for 20-25 minutes at a temperature of 80 degrees.



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