Expert solves mystery: What was the zigzag sex technique Josephine used to drive Napoleon crazy in bed?

Napoleon and Josephine
Napoleon and Josephine, Photo: Flickr

Marie Joseph Rose de la Paguerie, best remembered in history as Josephine de Boarnet, и Napoleon Bonaparte they had a famously passionate affair, and their bedroom adventures mesmerized France – and fascinate historians to this day.

Blockbuster fans "Napoleon" (Napoleon) on Ridley Scott for the French ruler, who revived the marriage of Napoleon (played by Joaquin Phoenix) и Josephine (played by Vanessa Kirby), now they have reignited the intrigue surrounding the historic love affair.

But there is one element that history buffs have yet to grasp – and that is the familiar Josephine's zigzag technique, with which she knew how to take her lover to bed.

Her method of satisfying her partner often left Napoleon confused and longing for his lover in the bedroom, even after their divorce. However, what Josephine's specific method involves remains a complete mystery.

But the journalists of The Daily Mail they contacted the British one sex expert Tracy Cox and together with her they tried to solve the age-old question of how the "zig-zag" technique knew how to warm the revolutionary leader.

Napoleon, in fact, was naive and inexperienced when it comes to the opposite sex, and he allegedly lost his virginity in a Parisian brothel, although he needed them for that four attempts.

Photo: Jean-Pol GRANDMONT Wikimedia Commons


When he met the fatal Josephine, who was six years older than him, she introduced him to the world of sensual pleasure, including the aforementioned sexual technique. Historians have struggled to figure out what the technique might have involved, and Cox has now finally offered concrete answers.

"It has to be oral sex related," she told Female.

Cox argues that it would have made more sense if Napoleon had applied that method to Josephine, because "when you use your tongue in a zigzag fashion, it means you're stimulating all areas of the clitoris, rather than focusing on just one spot", the sex expert states. However, this method can also be applied in reverse.

"Maybe she was doing this while she was giving him oral sex, running her tongue over the tip of the penis, which is the most sensitive part of the penis, to make sure she was targeting the frenulum, which is the most sensitive part of the penis," explains Cox.

Before Napoleon, Josephine was married to the Viscount Alexander de Beauharnais and they had two children, though it certainly wasn't a love affair since Josephine once stated that his father forced him to marry her. Her husband Alexandre was eventually executed by guillotine during the Jacobin dictatorship, but Josephine was saved when Robespierre was deposed.

However, her survival had its advantages and returned her to the social scene as aristocrats enjoyed the fruits of their freedom.

That's when she met him Paul Barras, a senior military commander, who was preparing his protégé, a military officer, for power Napoleon Bonaparte. Barras had a very bad reputation for morals and was even rumored to have been intimate with Josephine before she became Napoleon's wife. It was also rumored that she actually begged Barras to give the young Napoleon his first important military command, in the Italian campaign.

When Baras met her Josephine with Napoleon, she convinced the young man that she deeply admired him, and he trusted her completely and fell deeply in love.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons via Picryl com

When they first made love in 1795, he wrote her a letter at seven in the morning:

“I woke up full of you. The memory of yesterday's intoxicating evening gave no rest to my senses. Sweet and incomparable Josephine... From your lips and heart I feel the flame that burns me. See you in three hours, until then mio dolce amore (my sweet love), I send you thousands of kisses, but don't love me, because your kisses set my soul on fire."

Their wedding was a modest one, held two days before Napoleon left to conquer Italy in March 1796, which she became Empress Josephine, the first Empress of France.

Their relationship was very stormy, and in A divorce followed in 1809 at her request, after she failed to give birth to him an heir.

Then, in 1810 years, he married Marie-Louise from Austria and with her he had a son Napoleon II, who after the abdication of Napoleon in 1815 years, briefly became Emperor Napoleon II.

Marie-Louise left Napoleon in 1814, when he was exiled to Elba.




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