Anyone who wants to reach Shara and ride in a vehicle will pay

Photo: Free Press

Shar Planina National Park has decided to charge an entrance fee for people who will visit the park and enter it by vehicle.

Depending on the vehicle, the entrance fee will range from 150 to 450 denars, and for those who will enter on foot, by bicycle or any means of transport that pollutes the environment, no entrance fee will be charged.

The persons or groups that make a profit from the mountain will also have to pay an entrance fee.

"For greater awareness, boards will be placed, and the payment will be electronic." Shar Mountain National Park will not charge an entrance fee for visitors who want to walk or come by bike, at least for the next few years. We will only charge for motor vehicles, they are polluters of nature. That tariff will not apply to residents. We will prepare an application like the one for the parking lots in the cities" - Ibrahim Dehari, Director of Shar Mountain National Park.

Mountaineering societies welcome the decision of NP Shar Planina. From there, they say that such a step will make visitors wonder if they will even go to the nearest destination of Shara by motor vehicle.

"The establishment of this tariff will hopefully play a role in going to the mountains by car, given that we already have a national park. In reality, all these things should be banned and we hope to raise awareness among the citizens that the national park remains for us, but we leave it to our future generations" - said Snezhana Novakovska, president of PC Tetex.

"To establish some order, who can go, what can be visited, at what time." And the most important thing is that when they go to certain places, they should not leave the waste there, they should take it with them in order to protect nature" - said Bujar Jeladini, president of PK Tetova.

The decision will start to be implemented from this summer.

Otherwise, the Shar Mountain National Park and the mountaineering clubs from the Tetovo-Gostivar region signed a Memorandum of Cooperation today, with the aim, as they pointed out, of greater coordination and improvement of the environment.

The hiking trails of Shar will be arranged in coordination with NP Shar Mountain

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