Whoever comes to school without a mask will return home

Child and parent / Photo: Profimedia

Primary school principals they will not let the students who will show up for class without protective mask. "Free Press" got in touch with several directors from Skopje who are unanimous and stand on the position that the guidelines of the institutions must be respected, according to which a decision was made to conduct classes by wearing protective masks.

- We act according to the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Science. We must not allow parents to create the way of teaching. So far, we have not received any petition or request from parents for permission for their children to enter classes without protective masks, said the principal of a primary school from Municipality of Centar.

The school principal from Butel.

- We are obliged to respect the laws. The Commission for Infectious Diseases made the decision, and the Ministry of Education and Science accepted it. There is no room for discussion on this topic. If parents do not want their children to wear masks, let them ask for approval for online classes, said a school principal from the Municipality of Butel.

And in mineral water the decision to go to school with protective masks will be respected.

- So far, no requests have been received in the schools for attending classes without masks, we believe that the second semester will start without problems, ie by respecting the protocols, say the Municipality of Kisela Voda.

On the other hand, the parents who are part of the movement "Stop wearing masks at school " They have been announcing for several days that the second semester for their children will start without masks. Trajce Petkovski, who is the initiator of this movement, says that in the school where his child attends classes, ten classes agreed and sent a notification to the principal that boycott the Commission decision.

-  Yesterday I received dozens of requests for access to a document informing school principals that students will go to school without masks. We have one hundred percent consent from the parents. From my information, there is almost no school where such notification will not reach. These days I am waiting for a call for a meeting with the Minister of Health, after which I expect the authorities to finally come to their senses and change the decision, explains Petkovski.

From Ministry of Education and Science we did not receive an answer as to whether they plan to send a letter to the school principals on how to react in case of a boycott, disregarding the decision to wear protective masks.

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