Who is Little Turnip, because of which 17 police officers are threatened with life behind bars?

Arrest / Photo: Ministry of Interior

Zulqufli Nuredini, better known in the Skopje underground as Maliot Repki, is the reason why 17 prison officers from the Idrizovo penitentiary ended up in handcuffs yesterday.

Little Repki hid from justice for several years and harassed and extorted businessmen from the Skopje, Tetovo and Kumanovo regions, and was also the organizer of several robberies. After a central warrant was issued, Repki was detained in October 2021 in the village of Lavčani in Veles, where he was hiding from the police. Before the detention, Little Turnip had a plan to escape to Germany. Repki was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison in May 2022.

Little Repki, who was serving his prison sentence in Idrizovo, escaped on October 26 last year while he was undergoing medical treatment. Accompanied by two prison officers, he went to a smoking room near the hospital. He spent about half an hour there, after which the prison officers left, allowing him to escape.

The policemen who had the duty of guarding him, did not report the escape to the elders, and neither did their colleagues from the second shift, but sat without Repki in the empty apartment in the hospital where they were found by members of the intervention police.

Because of this (un)intentional mistake, the prison officers ended up behind bars, after a judge ordered them to be detained in a preliminary procedure.

"The public prosecutor in question issued an Order for the implementation of an investigative procedure against six persons, five of whom are suspected of having committed the crime of "facilitating the escape of a person deprived of their liberty" during the month of October last year, according to Art. 372, paragraph 2 of KZ, while one person is suspected of assisting in the commission of the crime", informs from OJO GOKK.

According to the Criminal Code, the crime of "facilitating the escape of a person deprived of liberty" is punishable by one to 10 years in prison.

Due to Malio Repki, 11 additional prison police officers "suffered" and on several occasions allowed Repki to leave the prison for a few hours.

"During the convict's stay, as co-perpetrators, while they were on shift, they released the convicted person who was entrusted to them for custody, who left the health facility without an escort and returned after an absence of several hours," adds the GOKK .

For the crime - "Unlawful release of a person deprived of liberty" the criminal code stipulates a prison sentence of three months to five years.

After the problems he caused in the Idrizovo prison, Repki was transferred to the Stip prison, where he continued to be in the center of attention.

On Sunday, at SVR Shtip, his father reported that Repki called him and told him that he had information that he would be attacked during the night. It happened to her after a fight broke out at midnight between two groups of prisoners, and 30 people who were prevented by the prison police and specialists from entering the prison came in front of the Stip prison.

During the physical confrontation in the prison, one employee was injured, after which he was transported to the Shtip Clinical Hospital for assistance.

17 members of the prison police were detained in Idrizovo

An employee in the Stip prison was injured during a fight between two groups of prisoners


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