What decorations should you put on the Christmas tree? According to feng shui, these colors and shapes bring luck and success

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According to the Chinese calendar, 2023 is the year of The Black Water Rabbit. Who feng shui decorations to choose when you want to attract happiness, money and love throughout the year?

The Christmas tree, apart from decorating the space and bringing positive energy, is also associated with beautiful emotions. When you decorate the Christmas tree with your family, you bond, you do something together filled with joy.

To attract good luck in the new year, feng shui indicates that you need them light turquoise, blue and green balls. You can also decorate it with bright lights to attract attention in the home and make the atmosphere in the house as festive as possible.

To attract love, you need to hang decorations in pairs on the Christmas tree. It can be snow-white doves, mandarin ducks or delicate pink hearts. Those who have already found her your happiness let them hang a few notes on the Christmas tree with wishes and messages of love and gratitude to each other.

To attract bet in The new year, feng shui highlights pine trees cones. They can be decorated with gold and silver sequins. Small ones are also suitable for decoration chocolate medallions in gold foil.

Feng shui experts suggest placing the Christmas tree depending on what you want and expect from the coming year:

East (health and family) Southeast (money and abundance) South (fame and reputation) North (career) Center of the home (for matters of the heart) West (creativity) Northeast (for confidence) Northwest (for connection and communication) Southwest (for love).



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