What are the most loyal dog breeds?

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Some dog owners want their pet to be devoted and loyal to the end. It is important to note that loyalty has nothing to do with size, which is why some miniature breeds are among the most loyal.

Doberman: when the Doberman is properly trained, he is a true friend and guardian. These intelligent dogs are easy to train and therefore are often part of military or police units. They love their owners, especially those who allow them lots of activities and adventures in nature. Their loyalty to people is not just limited to their owner, they love people in general and that is why they have been so popular throughout history.

German Sheppard: The World Association of German Shepherd Breeders calls the German Shepherd "a breed that true dog lovers simply adore." German Shepherds have earned a reputation for exceptional intelligence and noble temperament. They are truly faithful friends. It takes time for them to love someone, but once they do, they become extremely loyal.


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Chihuahua: almost all of us know that chihuahuas are tiny dogs with a big personality, but this intelligent pup is truly a loyal friend. Since they are full of desire to please their owner, they do not need special training. They can vary greatly in temperament, but all specimens of this breed are completely devoted to the people they love. Some Chihuahuas have gained a reputation for being wild and unruly with strangers, but this is probably due to their immense loyalty to their owner.

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