What are the autumn and winter pieces worth investing in now?

Autumn Winter Clothes

To bring out the autumn and winter seasons in style, we would like to add a few fashion novelties to our wardrobe that will refresh those that were our favorite last year, but will also stay in our wardrobe for more than one season.

Which pieces of clothing and fashion accessories deserve a place in every autumn and winter wardrobe?

The secret behind the perfect seasonal wardrobe, which offers countless different combinations, lies in the combination of new trends, fashion classics and simple basic models.

Combined together, they create simple daytime, cool, casual and seductive evening combinations for every day. The best pieces of clothing that you can add to your wardrobe for the autumn / winter season 2021/2022 at the same time are those that bring the simplicity of the basic cuts, the elegance of the classics and the effective look of the latest trendy pieces, making them the most versatile choice in which worth the investment.

The best models for autumn and winter wardrobe

Although the latest fashion trends and "it" pieces are the ones that will first catch our attention on the shelves of our favorite fashion stores and while we browse the most popular online stores, striking pieces of clothing and fashion accessories often come with a shelf life of one season.

Several new trendy pieces that suit our style and character are without a doubt one of the best fashion tricks which will immediately refresh our wardrobe and spice up any combination. However, the trendy pieces that we will forget about next year are not worth investing in, so we will look for them in the collections of "high street" brands at affordable prices.


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Which pieces are actually worth investing in?

From cult modern classics like classic raincoats and coats to key pieces in every autumn and winter wardrobe, among which white shirts, fine knitwear and elegant pants always stand out, to boots and bags that will perfectly complete any combination and any new fashion.


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Autumn trends that you already have in your closet

Some trends show how new and you just have to buy new things if you want to look fashionable, however, some old trends know how to get back in fashion and encourage us to get out of the closet long-forgotten pieces of clothing. These are the trends for autumn winter 2021/2022 that you can freely follow with your old wardrobe.


The checkered and checkered pattern is a real hit. If you have a plaid coat, it's a good time to put it on again.


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Great slogans and inscriptions

To be fashionable in such clothes, you need to think outside the box and combine what you thought did not go together. Oversized sweatshirts with wide skirts or similar unexpected combinations are welcome.


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Pink color

Light pink is a big trend this season. It is worn in all combinations and in all clothes. Whatever pink you have, take it out of the closet and carry it.


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Fringes of clothes and fashion accessories are very popular. Therefore, find old jackets, bags or coats with this kind of ornaments for a modern look.

Knitted rollers ("dolcevita")

Knitted rolls are one of the most popular pieces of clothing, and we are sure you have at least one in your closet.



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Leather pants, coats and dresses have been fashionable for several seasons and when they seemed to be saturated with them, this season leather clothing is a real hit. Appears on even more different items and is worn on even more occasions.

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