When Euroscepticism grows, so does nationalism

The parties from the Albanian political bloc are returning nationalist messages and manifestations into circulation, despite the reactions not only of the citizens but also of the politicians from the Macedonian campus. The reactions to the announcement by the mayor of Tetovo and president of Besa, Bilal Kasami, that Tetovo is the Albanian capital in North Macedonia, with which he welcomed the Albanian mayors from Kosovo, his colleague from Kichevo, Fatmir Dehari from DUI, tomorrow evening marks 10 years of mayorship with Kichevo, with the manifestation "10 years of pride - historical hour of Kichevo under Albanian rule".

Journalist and analyst Isen Saliu believes that the nationalist outbursts of Kasami and Dehari are a direct consequence of the nationalist rhetoric of the Macedonian opposition, that is, the great support that that rhetoric finds among the Macedonian public and among Macedonian voters, if the polls are to be believed.

"Also, it is generally known not only here, but also in the region, that when Euroscepticism grows, nationalism grows in direct proportion to it. However, I see no reason for concern, because "tenderism" is always there as a dominant ideology among political parties "both ours and yours". An ideology that ultimately breaks down all barriers between politicians and political subjects, be they liberals or hard-line nationalists. "Besides, to whom will the political parties "sell" nationalism when everything alive and wild is already running away from the country", says Saliu.

VMRO-DPMNE Kichevo: Dehari's private party

Although the city is multi-ethnic, almost the entire DUI, headed by Ali Ahmeti, with the first deputy prime minister Artan Grubi (the head of diplomacy Bujar Osmani also received an invitation), and with other current and former party officials, in an environment flooded with Albanian flags, will attend the "Kicevo's historical lesson". Why is it necessary to organize such an event, are Macedonian politicians and social activists invited, who is the organizer, how much does the organization cost and who pays for it, are the questions we sent to Dehari, but the Kichevo mayor did not answer us. Neither the Municipality nor Dehari's office wanted to answer us.

According to a post on Dehari's Facebook page, prominent figures from "our (probably Albanian) socio-national, political and artistic world will participate in the celebration." The celebration starts at 14 pm with artistic performances by children in the town square, and an hour later an exhibition is announced. The central celebration will be held from 20:XNUMX p.m., as stated in the invitation - in the Palace of Culture, without specifying the name of the House of Culture - "Kocho Racin"!

The remaining councilors were not informed or invited about the event. Laze Jakimovski, coordinator of the advisory group of VMRO-DPMNE in Kichevo Municipality, assessed the event as Dehari's private party.

"It is about Dehari's private party where he will promote nationalism and irredentism. What is proud and dignified in his reign, did he make devastation and exodus? That many citizens have been evicted, above all Albanians, that many companies have been closed, and he only cooperates with a few? The bazaar is devastated! Corruption reigns! Emancipated and educated Albanians cannot be kept by a private party and thousands of Albanian flags. What is Dehari proud of?" asked Jakimovski.

Kasami complained that his post had been misused

Tetovo mayor Kasami, after the reactions to his announcement, explained that he did not think of Tetovo as the capital of the Albanians, but as the main center. The wording in which the mayor calls Teto's Albanian "headquarters" (in literal translation: main center) met with negative reactions among Macedonian citizens, who accused Kasami of engaging in empty nationalism, instead of solving problems in one of the worst managed municipalities. in the state. VMRO-DPMNE - Tetovo also reacted to Kasami's scandalous announcement and noted to him that the promotion of Tetovo as the center of a community implies discrimination against Macedonians and all others who live in Tetovo. The municipal organization of SDSM in Tetovo also reacted to Kasami's announcement, from where they told the mayor that "there is no orientation in space".

In his reaction, Kasami said that it was not a "capital" as reported, but an "Albanian center" and accused that the announcement was misused by giving it a different direction.

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