When the decision is made about Macedonia, Brussels should find a way for the Bulgarians to go and drink coffee - said Jakimovski

"Literally all the countries in the region make fun of the Republic of Macedonia" - says the presidential candidate from GROM. According to him, when the European future of Macedonia is decided, Brussels should find a way "to send the Bulgarians to drink coffee or have breakfast", as it happened with Viktor Orban and the decision on Ukraine.

"No, the tactic should be different, so the European Commission will find a way for the Bulgarians to go drink coffee or have breakfast when the decision is made on Macedonia, as they did with Hungary and Viktor Orban. So, we cannot be exposed to ridicule nonstop, literally all the countries in the region make fun of the Republic of Macedonia, for what we have done to be part of Europe. For example, we serve Serbia as an example of intransigence, because everything that Macedonia gave in, we practically did not see the benefit of it, except that we became a member of the NATO structures in which we would have been a member and without changing the name, because now it became clear to us everyone that because of the war in Ukraine, the southern wing of NATO had to be closed, and that was the reason why the Republic of Macedonia had to enter the structures of NATO again and again", said Jakimovski in an interview for 360 degrees.

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