When the investor is "disobedient", the Municipality of Centar is on the move: As of this morning, the construction site behind the Universal Hall is being covered up

Photo: Municipality of Centar

Teams of the Municipality of Centar, with the assistance of the police, today began to fill up the construction site behind the Universal Hall, after not even two months after the decision issued by the municipal construction inspector, the developer and the contractor did not return the land to its original state.

In March, due to an unsecured pit at the construction site, a part of 9 May Street collapsed, and the residents of the surrounding buildings feared that their buildings would also suffer serious damage. Because of that, the Municipality closed the construction site, the area was fenced with a yellow tape, which did not prevent the contractor from continuing with the construction work.

The municipal construction inspector then, as announced by the Municipality of Centar, imposed five fines on the investor "Binjapi Engineering" and the contractor "Aradiko Kop DOOEL import export", in a total amount of 12.500 euros in Denar equivalent, for the unsafe construction site.

According to the mayor, Goran Gerasimovski, the developer acted contrary to the construction permit, more precisely, the pit that was supposed to be made was not made according to the construction solution, so-called "spikes" were not placed to protect and stabilize the land, which is why the surrounding buildings were not protected, then instead of two underground levels for garages, only one was constructed.

There are laws in this country and they must be obeyed by everyone. Anyone who breaks the law will be punished. This is also happening today on 9 May Street - said Gerasimovski.

The result of this and of disregarding the construction inspector's decision is today's filling of the construction site, with which the Municipality returns the land to its former state. Gerasimovski says that all legal procedures will be taken against the investor, and then it will be decided whether his building permit will be revoked.

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