Kozias: We promised North Macedonia entry into the EU, we have an obligation to deliver that

The former Minister of External Affairs of Greece, Nikos Kozias, at the International Conference for Peace and Sustainable Development in Athens on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the signing of the Prespa Agreement, spoke about the achievement of the Prespa Agreement and its future implementation, noting that the Agreement led to membership in NATO and was supposed to secure EU membership for Macedonia.

"We promised North Macedonia entry into the EU and we have an obligation to deliver that." Entry into the EU for North Macedonia was promised. And what did the EU do? First the French veto, for changing the methodology, then came the veto from Bulgaria. What should we do now? Should we tell Bulgaria that we will never let you into Schengen until you lift the veto for North Macedonia? This is a good suggestion and should be considered. But is that the way? Shall we focus on quarrels instead of common progress?" Kozias said at the panel discussion.

Kozias referred to the implementation of the Prespa Agreement and compared it to a baby.

"The agreement is like a baby that everyone smiles and rejoices at, but we didn't do enough to protect it and grow it," said Kozias, who also referred to the actions of the new Macedonian president, noting that she as an individual has the right to call her the state of Macedonia, but as an institution it has an obligation to respect the Agreement, and if it does not like it, it can complain.

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