The Vredi coalition reminded Osmani about the "Patient" case, he says that the case is closed and there are no charges

Bujar Osmani - Minister of Foreign Affairs / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat", Dragan Mitreski

The candidate for the president of the state, Bujar Osmani, believes that the "Vredi" coalition lacks themes and creativity in the election campaign, and therefore they "talk about old and open issues". In response to a journalist's question, he reacted to the statement of the candidate for president of the state from "Vredi" Arben Taravari, who asked at a press conference today whether Albanians deserve a candidate for president for whom the Special Public Prosecutor's Office opened a "Patient" case in 2016.

- It is an investigation started by a prosecutor who is currently in prison and is on the black list of the United States. The Prosecutor's Office closed the case immediately and there was no charge because it was assessed that the construction of the hospital in Tetovo was in accordance with the laws and that not only no damage was done but, on the contrary, the interest of the state was protected. So there was not even an accusation, but an attempt at political discredit by a man who is currently on the American blacklist, which obviously says that there was Russian interference in that attempt to discredit. This issue has absolutely nothing to do with it. They have already lost ideas and creativity in this campaign, scared of the big defeat, said Osmani, answering a journalist's question after the press conference on co-sponsoring the UN resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica.

He added that although he is not dealing with others in the election campaign, he will counter the opponent Taravari with the issue of legitimacy in the Alliance for Albanians.

– The decision of the court that, however, my opponent illegally tried to usurp the party makes him a bit problematic and unworthy of a campaign. We should discuss such issues, for which there are court decisions, not these issues, said Osmani.

Earlier, at a press conference, the Vredi coalition recalled 2016, the work of the Special Public Prosecutor's Office (SPO) and the case called "Patient". According to them, in this case, as the first and only accused Albanian, the DUI spokesman, and now presidential candidate Bujar Osmani, stood out.

- In the investigation, there was a well-founded suspicion of abuse of the official position of the Minister of Health, as well as the authorities of officials and responsible persons in tender procedures for construction works, where there were suspicions that the Bulgarian company GBS Blagoevgrad was favored even though it had several more favorable offers from other companies , in several health facilities in the country, including the gynecological hospital "Mother Teresa" in Chair. The value of the tender was over 2 million euros, according to the announcement.

The press conference was held in front of the Special Hospital for Gynecology and Obstetrics "Mother Teresa" in Skopje in order, as they say, to convey a message that they do not forget.

- We are gathered here, women, mothers, sisters, daughters, to disclose this scandal, where today's presidential candidate is accused of financial abuse in this facility that is sacred to us and where our daughters, our sisters, our friends give birth every day. Imagine how far these people's greed for money goes, they abuse millions of euros from the place where all mothers from Skopje and beyond are born! We publicly ask, do Albanians deserve such a candidate for President?, the announcement states.

The Coalition states that they will never forget the case called "Patient".

- Maybe Artan Grubi's partisan courts pushed this case into a corner, but the time is coming for responsibility for what was done, as well as for those who hid the case. Imagine, these millions could have been beds for mothers, equipment for gynecologists, jobs for nurses, better conditions for babies. This misused money could have been budget funds to make solutions for those over 1700 healthcare employees who are under contract at work, and cannot get work solutions at all, according to the announcement.

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