"Vredi" coalition: Bujar Osmani is sacrificed because Ali Ahmeti is afraid of Taravari

Promotion of Tarawari's candidacy for President/Photo: Facebook

Ahmeti's statement about the "big news" confirms at least two things. The first, that DUI is an idealess party that shows its complete inability to represent the Albanians at the highest political level with proposals taken out of mothballs, announced this afternoon by the "Vredi" Collation.

"It is extremely humiliating for the myth of Ali Ahmeti to come up with such stale theses just to compete with the proposal of the candidate of the united Albanian opposition Dr. Arben Taravari, in the future, the election of the head of state should be done in the Assembly. The second, that they still live in the movie that they have a monopoly on the principles of strategic partnership in the EU and the USA. Instead of struggling with how to explain why Ali Ahmeti is afraid to go to the election stage, and therefore they will sacrifice Bujar Osmani, let them get out of narrow party interests and support Arben Taravari as the first Albanian president, Vredi said.

"The question arises logically: why does DUI want to divide the vote of the Albanians?" Who does Ali Ahmeti serve with this move? The "Vredi" coalition is not fighting for consolation prizes, but for an honest and real role for Albanians in political life. "If Ahmeti is no longer capable of fighting for the interests of the Albanian people, it is honorable for him to go into political retirement," the association "Vredi" added.

DUI President Ali Ahmeti, after addressing the public on social networks and announcing Bujar Osmani as a candidate for president, as well as the commitment to elect the president of the state in the Parliament, appeared at a press conference in front of the media, explaining this party decision.

From the party headquarters in Mala Recica, Tetovo, he explained to a journalist's question that such a candidate would be consensual and would represent all citizens.

Taravari is in the local league, and DUI plays in the super league, said Ahmeti from Mala Recica

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