The book "Trauma and Theater: Goran Stefanovski" by Michel Pavlovski will be promoted in KIC - Skopje

Goran Stefanovski (1952-2018)

In the Cultural and Information Center - Skopje on November 29, at 10 am, the promotion of the book "Trauma and Theater: Goran Stefanovski" by Michel Pavlovski will be held. The book will be promoted by Emil Niami and author Michel Pavlovski.

Michel Pavlovski is a full professor of cultural studies at the Institute of Macedonian Literature at the University "St. Cyril and Methodius" in Skopje. His field of research includes cultural studies, media studies and theater studies.

He is the head and chief researcher in the "Macedonian Literary Database" project. He is the chief and responsible editor of the international scientific journal "Spektar" (2010-2012). He is one of the founders and a member of the Editorial Board of the international scientific magazine "Culture". He is co-editor of the book "Creative Economies: New Knowledge for New Initiatives" (2014).

So far, he has published the following works: "From an initial idea to a state" (together with Jovan Pavlovski, 1993), "Macedonia: yesterday and today" (together with Jovan Pavlovski, 1996), "Pure play: biomechanics in the directing system of V. E. Meyerhold" (1998), "Theatre and Myth" (2005) and "Thespis' Worlds" (2014).

He is a member of the Society of Writers of Macedonia. He was a member of the presidency of DPM and its secretary for internal activities. Michel Pavlovski is the winner of the "Mito Hadji Vasilev-Jasmin" award for the book "Macedonia: Yesterday and Today" (together with Jovan Pavlovski, 1997) and the collective award for science "Goce Delchev" for the project "Theatre of the Macedonian soil" (2003) .

The book "Trauma and Theater: Goran Stefanovski" by Prof. Dr. Michel Pavlovski deals with three extremely important topics: cultural trauma, identities and the theater of the great Macedonian playwright Goran Stefanovski.

- Namely, with the theater of Goran Stefanovski, because Michel Pavlovski does not analyze and process only the dramatic text of Stefanovski, but considers the plays in their totality with the theatrical performance. This is one important feature of Pavlovsky's work: the theatrical approach in processing the theme. The second significant feature of Michel Pawlowski's manuscript is the cultural approach, which is present throughout the manuscript and which gives this work its mark. In this way, combining the theoretical and methodological premises of culturology and theatrology, Michel Pavlovski creates an original, serious and, above all, quality work that is based on solid and modern theoretical foundations. Furthermore, one more theoretical discourse that Pavlovski uses should be noted: the issues of trauma and cultural trauma, which has been very relevant in world theoretical thought in recent years - points out the reviewer Emil Niami.

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