The book "System of senses" by Elizabeta Kostadinovska Lindner will be promoted in KIC - Skopje

Elisabetta Kostadinovska Lindner

The collection of short stories "System of Senses" by Elizabeta Kostadinovska Lindner, published by "Antolog", will be launched on September 26, starting at 19.19:2 p.m., in Salon "Imperial XNUMX" at the Cultural and Information Center (KIC) - Skopje. The book will be promoted by Radmila Vankoska, and excerpts from the book will be read by the author.

Elizabeta Kostadinovska Lindner is a bilingual author (writes in Macedonian and German), multilingual poet, interdisciplinary artist, multimedia performer of poetic and experimental performances. He is an editor of an online magazine and literary publications, translator, curator, art director and publisher. He lives and works in Berlin since 2006.

Born in Skopje, Macedonia, Elizabeta Kostadinovska Lindner graduated in German language and literature and Slavic studies in Skopje and received her master's degree in Regensburg. She translated about thirty books of prose (T. Bernhard, Peter Handke, Wilhelm Genacino...) and poetry (R.M. Rilke, P. Celan, Jürgen Nenza...) from German into Macedonian. For his translation activity, he has received several awards ("Grigor Prlichev") and recognitions, as well as numerous scholarships and residencies. She writes (and translates) poetry in three languages, writes essays, short stories and critical thoughts in Macedonian and German and translates her works herself.

- The book "System of the Senses" is a collection of short stories that includes thirteen texts. This "system" spans more than twenty-five years and changes in the origin, themes, style and source language (Macedonian-German) of the texts. The narrator changes, sometimes he is in the first person, sometimes in the third person, and what prevails is a melancholic mood, "senses", love, feelings, experiences, as in the short stories "La folie", "Remembering the time when trees aborted branches", "The Cruelty of Love's Existence," "A Breathless Story or One Breath Screenplay."

Another part of the texts are socially critical with a noticeable dose of irony, directness and humor, such as "Misanthropy today!", "The fragile future of a porcelain figure", "A ghost with a mask". All in all, "Sensory System" is a book that, in the recognizable style of Elizabeta Lindner Kostadinovska, makes a powerful literary incision in the reader's sensory and mental system - wrote reviewer Alexandra Dimitrova.

The promotion of the book is part of the cultural offer of the City of Skopje - European Capital of Culture 2028.

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