The book "Irregular Rhythm" by the journalist Ljupco Jolevski is a documentary rarity

As part of the jubilee program "50 years of MKC", the promotion of the book "Irregular Rhythm - Stories from the Contemporary Macedonian Music Scene" by the journalist Ljupco Jolevski was held in the "Frosina" cinema on December 28.

It is about his second book, after "Radio", with published contributions, interviews and reviews, this time content filled only with texts from the field of musical art. Conceived unconventionally, with more music than speech, several musical groups and ensembles performed at the promotion, and the promoters of the book were Tina Ivanova, Ana Stojanoska and Dejan Trajkoski.

"People are really rare, at least from what we can see around us and here, who are so devoted to their work, as is the case with my respected colleague Ljupco Jolevski", concluded Tina Ivanova, who is a journalist and musicologist by vocation, while the theatrologist, professor and writer Ana Stojanoska emphasizes that "this book, although it acts as a place for keeping history, is an excellent base for keeping everything that in today's context means contemporary musical culture and as such it should be a part of us from our daily cultural and artistic experience".

Former journalist Dejan Trajkoski, on the other hand, sees Ljupco Jolevski's books as "textual vinyls. A documentary rarity. A spark of light from the dark labyrinths of Macedonian copy-paste journalism. "Truths told for a time, seen from above, from a height, and written easily, it seems, as if with a feather," Trajkoski points out.

The book "Irregular Rhythm" contains more than twenty years of musical history on more than 500 pages published by "Sofia" - Bogdanci. At the promotion, Aleksandra Popovska, Krste Rojevski, "Superhiks", Drobicki/Omeragić/Kondovski trio, Dorian Jovanović - Jordan Kostov duo, Sašo Popovski/Ivan Bejkov/Ratko Dautovski trio and Dejan Spasović with "Breath."

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 161, in the printed edition of the newspaper "Sloboden Pechat" on December 31, 2022 - January 2, 2023)

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