Klimovski: Let's include only the Bulgarians in the Constitution, but with a delayed application of the constitutional amendments

Constitutional amendments are needed, but not to put the Bulgarians in it, but because the Constitution, after all the changes in a short time, not only became inconsistent, but also dysfunctional, and we need to finally agree on what kind of Constitution we will have, whether it will be civil or with different solutions, says the constitutional law professor Savo Klimovski for "Free Press".

He personally does not agree with the intention to include the Bulgarians in the Preamble, because the obligation was accepted by diktat and blackmail from Sofia, but still, as an option in this situation, he proposes to include only the Bulgarians, and with a second constitutional amendment to postpone the application of the new constitutional provisions.

- The Constitution can and should be changed by general consensus, it is an act of the citizens that governs the state, human rights and freedoms. With the previous changes, a fraud was made, when from a multi-ethnic society we got a multi-ethnic Constitution, the only one of its kind in the world. It has been changed many times in a short time, which is also unknown in world constitutionalism, and because of those changes it is now inconsistent and non-functional. As an example of that dysfunctionality, it is enough to mention the Constitutional Court and all the problems related to its functioning. It is not good to change the Constitution like this by force, the citizens decide on that, who should be asked either in a referendum or in early elections - says Klimovski.

He says that Macedonia accepted Bulgaria's condition at the insistence of several European countries, and did not ask Bulgaria to include its own minorities in its Preamble.

– We should ask those leaders who come and tell us to change the Constitution, would they be allowed to change the constitutions in their own countries in such a way as we are being asked? - says Klimovski.

He adds that I personally do not agree Bulgarians should be included in the Constitution, especially since Sofia does not recognize our identity features, such as our history and language.

– But we can do something else. Let's include the Bulgarians in the Constitution, without the other communities, because the proposal to include the Croats, Montenegrins and Jews is just a "smoke screen" behind which the Bulgarians should hide. Let's introduce the Bulgarians into the Constitution, no matter in what form, whether in the Preamble or in another way, and with another amendment in the transitional and final provisions to determine that the amendment will be implemented at the moment when we finish the EU membership negotiations. In this way, we will show good will to our European partners, we will fulfill the condition for constitutional changes to which we have committed ourselves, but we will also protect ourselves that we will push the negotiations with the EU to the end, without the Bulgarians being able to impose on us in the meantime. other requirements - says Klimovski.

According to him, the point of the Bulgarians is not only for those 3.000 Bulgarians who were counted in the census.

- We also have 100.000 Bulgarian passports based on a declaration of Bulgarian origin, and it is possible that in the future we will have many newly aware Bulgarians, thousands, who will look for employment by ethnic key, primary schools, etc. The catch is there and we all see it. Bulgaria has shown tremendous aggressiveness towards us, by not recognizing our identity, and they want to enter the Constitution of the country whose constituent people they do not recognize. The game is transparent, the background is transparent - warns Klimovski.

He says that he would not participate in an expert working group that would only discuss constitutional amendments to bring in Bulgarians.

- I would not participate in such a working group, but I would participate in a group that would prepare a reconstruction of the Constitution, for which there should be a general consensus on how we want our country to look and be arranged - says Klimovski.

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