Climate change has caused record losses to Spanish agriculture

Photo: WLADIMIR BULGAR / Sciencephoto / Profimedia

Climatic disasters caused great damage to Spanish agriculture, which will probably reach a record level during the year, said the spokeswoman of the Spanish Government today. Isabel Rodriguez.

In the period from January to October, the damage amounts to 684 million euros, spokeswoman Rodriguez said.

With natural disasters such as flooding caused by heavy rainfall on the Mediterranean coast in recent weeks, the final amount of damages in 2022 is likely to exceed last year's amount of more than 720 million euros, Rodriguez added.

In the spring, the orchards were devastated by the late frost, and in the summer the crops were damaged by drought.

By the way, it was introduced in Catalonia restrictions on water consumption due to the months-long drought, and they will affect 6,7 million people or 80 percent of the population in that region.

The measures will include the interruption of water for irrigation of agricultural crops and industry.

City dwellers will not be allowed to use potable water to wash the exterior of houses or cars or to fill swimming pools.

The drought in Catalonia will cut the fountains, farmers will be left without enough water for irrigation

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