The classic is eternal this year as well: 4 leading trends from the streets of Paris this winter

Paris 2022
Photo: Pixabey

There are few cities in the world that are considered leading when it comes to fashion and beauty such as Paris. The French capital is seen as a place where all the trends are created and then copied in the world, all thanks to the stylized French women who look like they were born with impeccable style.

However, the truth is that they only work on it much more and more carefully and that they always play it safe - with the classics that are timeless.

Since we can not travel around the world at the moment, we closely follow the croissants, the Eiffel Tower and the flawless chic look through Instagram and get inspired for new ideas.

So, in which pieces are the French investing this winter? We are all tired of reckless and meaningless buying, we love those pieces that are quality, valuable and last for years.

From thin moccasins to belt jackets - these 4 trends from the streets of Paris prove that this season everything revolves around the classics. So if you want to look stylish, do not skip these 4 leading trends from the streets of Paris.

Paris 2022
Photo: Pixabey

1. Thin moccasins

All French footwear is chic, but moccasins are still on top. They are worn for generations, usually in their more elegant, thinner version, as opposed to the bulky ones that lead them to the UK. Pair them with a striped sweater and black pants to the leaves and you will have a classic French look.


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2. Velvet coats

This season, on the streets of Paris, we see French women redefining the classics from camel coats to velvet ones. Due to the warm, soft texture and casual cut, this piece will be your favorite fashion ally throughout the winter, and the best model is the one in beige or brown.


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3. Jackets, coats and blazers with a belt

A mixture of the incompatible that looks so good. Too much puffy jacket and IT belt? Here are ways to refresh a classic fashion combination and make it more attractive.


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4. "Shacked" jacket

We may not initially associate these jackets with French fashion, but this season the shirt-jacket trend has taken to the streets of Paris, in all neutral shades. A real classic that can be worn in any season.


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