Over 30 new judges will be elected in 13 basic courts

Photo: Profimedia

At today's 436th session, the Judicial Council made a decision to elect a total of 31 judges across several basic courts throughout the country, excluding Skopje.

30 candidates from the seventh generation of the Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors will be able to apply for six judges in the Basic Court of Prilep, four in the District Court of Struga, three each in the District Court of Bitola and District Court of Kichevo, two each in District Court of Krusevo, District Court of Ohrid, District Court of Tetovo, OS Delchevo, OS Radovish and OS Berovo, as well as one place each in OS Kumanovo, OS Strumica and OS Sveti Nikole.

The decision to announce the announcement was made with 8 votes in favor and four against, after earlier, also by voting, the Council decided to announce the announcement only for the interior.

During most of today's debate, the members of the Judicial Council debated whether to publish an announcement for all courts according to the needs or to leave it out for Skopje, where is the greatest interest, and to advertise for judges in the courts from the interior, where there is less interest and the situation is more alarming.

Some of the members of the Council argued that perhaps it is necessary to think strategically, so that until a new judicial network is created (which does not depend on them), they should strengthen the courts with extended jurisdiction, from where judges will then be sent to the basic courts by delegation. courts where there is no interest from the candidates, and the situation is alarming. Others pointed out that the courts do not exist for the judges, but the courts exist for the needs of the citizens, and the situation is alarming in almost all the courts.

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