Will Kovacevski and Ahmeti run the election race together?

This week we start with a series of meetings of the Presidency where we will discuss all the options. I expect that everything will be clearer after Friday, says a senior DUI official for "Sloboden Pechat", according to which all options for both the parliamentary and presidential elections are open.

In Mala Recica this weekend, it should be clearer whether DUI will participate in the parliamentary elections on joint lists with SDSM and the coalition, after Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski, after the leadership meeting, called on government partners, non-governmental organizations and civil associations to join the European front.

After the consensus reached by the leadership that the second round of the presidential and parliamentary elections will be held on May 8, SDSM started the procedure for selecting a candidate for the head of state, and the Central Presidency of DUI will meet on Friday for the European front and for the performance of the presidential elections. The Alliance for Albanians, on the other hand, do not believe that it is possible to go to the elections with joint lists, but they still say that the final decision will be made by the Central Presidency.
And while the government partners have yet to weigh whether an independent or joint performance in the European front is the winning combination for the elections, almost 100 percent of the SDSM are sure that there will be a rotation of the positions of technical prime minister and president of the Assembly.

A senior DUI official told "Sloboden Pechat" that all options are open for both the parliamentary and presidential elections and that the party is yet to make decisions.

– This week we start with a series of meetings of the Presidency where we will discuss all variants. I expect that after Friday everything will be clearer - says the official.

DUI commented that after the leadership, neither Ali Ahmeti nor Arben Taravari commented on or challenged Kovacevski's call for a European front. This is interpreted that it is possible for SDSM and DUI to jointly participate in the parliamentary elections. Whether DUI will stand behind the idea of ​​a consensual president, however, will depend on whether and with which candidate for the head of the state the European Union for Change, led by Izet Majiti, Bilal Kasami and Afrim Gashi, will perform. If the Albanian opposition bloc nominates a candidate for the president of the state, it is possible that DUI will run with its own candidate and support the SDSM candidate in the second election round.

Alliance for the Albanians prefers to go to the elections alone, but the final decision will be made by the highest party body and the offer for joint lists and for a consensual presidential candidate will be put on the table. As "Sloboden Pechat" already reported, the Alliance's decision will also be influenced by whether SDSM and DUI will stand behind their candidate for member of the State Election Commission (SEC). AA briefed that if SDSM supports the candidate of the European Union for Change, Kovacevski should not hope for a joint performance in the elections. According to Alliance, if it is important for SDSM to appear in the elections as a European front, the largest ruling party will not be able to hope for a coalition with them if it votes for Besa's candidate for SEC.

The SEC vacancy provoked Majhiti, Gashi and Kasami to walk out of the leadership meeting after falling out with Xhaferi, who accused him of rigging the election by delaying the election of a SEC member. According to participants of the leadership meeting, the intention of the opposition trio of leaders was to provoke Xhaferi and leave the meeting.

The parties will still have to offer a solution for the vacant seat in the SEC, because for now neither SDSM nor DUI have officially declared which candidate they will support.

Kovacevski informed after the leadership that the Executive Board of SDSM has started an initiative to form a broad European front of all political and social stakeholders that support EU membership, as well as a procedure for selecting a candidate for the head of state. Kovacevski also confirmed that in the last 100 days of the mandate, the technical government will be headed by a prime minister proposed by DUI.

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