Kiril Petkov answered Iliana Jotova about the contracted liquid gas tankers for Bulgaria

Kiril Petkov
Kiril Petkov in the National Assembly of Bulgaria / June 22, 2022 / Photo: EPA-EFE / VASSIL DONEV

Former Prime Minister of Bulgaria and Co-Chairman of "Continuing the Change" Kiril Petkov responded to criticism of the energy policy of the government led by him. The interconnector between Bulgaria and Greece is a fact and the price of liquid gas after it will be four times lower.

The interconnector is full of 40 bar gas, not as the official government says there was no gas in it. The price of the amount of liquid gas in the interconnector between Greece and Bulgaria is reduced from 140 euros to around 30 euros, said Kiril Petkov. The margin between the market prices of gas at the moment and the price of the gas that is in the interconnector is so large and therefore no one has the right to delay its realization for a single day.

Petkov also commented on the vice president's accusation Iliana Iotova that the agreed seven LNG ships are still being sought on the seas, saying that the condition for their receipt is that Bulgaria's transitional government has until August 19 to decide whether to buy them. or not. Petkov recalled that they agreed that their price would be 30 dollars lower than the one on the European market.

The only task of the Bulgarian transitional government is to prepare to hold fair and just early elections on October 2. After Vice President Iliana Jotova and the leader of GERB joined the criticism, Boyko Borisov, who accused "We keep changing" that we destroyed Bulgaria and created the energy crisis. He said that no matter how much they don't like the Bulgarian president Rumen Radev and his transitional government, they did not deserve the protests that are happening now because of the energy crisis.

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