The Cinematheque has published an autobiographical work by Luis Buñuel in the Macedonian language

The latest printed edition of the Cinematheque of the Republic of North Macedonia is the autobiography of the great Spanish director Luis Buñuel, entitled "My Last Breath", which made this important work finally available in the Macedonian language.

The publication of the book was made possible thanks to the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID) and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in the Republic of North Macedonia, the Cinematheque announced.

It is a book by one of the most important directors in the history of film art, written before the very end of his life, in Mexico, with the help of the French writer and screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière, his constant collaborator, co-screenwriter of all the films from the last one, " French” career stage.

The autobiography, which is divided into twenty chronological chapters separated by titles, was first published in French in Paris in 1982, less than a year before Buñuel's death. What is specific about this autobiography is that in it Buñuel very often uses the plural, as if speaking in the name of his entire generation, the generation that studied at the University of Madrid in 1927, or the generation of Surrealists in Paris, for several years later, or the generation of Republicans at the time of the Civil War.

- Of course, this is not accidental because this book, although it is a personal confession of an exceptional man, of a great artist, at the same time represents a very interesting documentary and historical testimony of an entire epoch, which extends almost throughout the XX century. Clips from life and memories of dramatic historical events are constantly interwoven in it, with memories related to creativity, to films - in a word, it is understandable that life and film are constantly interwoven - writes Dr. Atanas Chuposki in the foreword of the edition .

The promoters of the book are the art historian and deputy ambassador at the Spanish Embassy in Skopje - Ernesto Eredero del Campo, prof. Dr. Ivan Jeparoski from the Faculty of Philosophy at UKIM and Assoc. Dr. Atanas Čuposki, consultant filmologist at the Cinematheque and professor at the Faculty of Film Arts at Europa Prima University, who is also the author of the foreword. The promotion will be held on March 29, at 12:XNUMX, at the Cinematheque.

The editor of the publication is the director of the Cinematheque, Vladimir Lj. Angelov, the translation from English is by Marija Cvetkovska, proofreading by Dr. Susana V. Spasovska, and the design by Igor Sekovski, M.Sc.

By the way, this is just one of the series of releases that the Cinematheque has published in recent months, among which are the already promoted filmological-narratological study of Atanas Chuposki - "Initiation and Repentance. Dominant topos in the narrative discourse of contemporary Russian film" and the filmological study of the renowned Bulgarian-British film historian Dina Yordanova - "The cinematography of the other Europe. The activity and art of Eastern European and Central European film", which will soon be launched together with the professional film magazine that the Cinematheque regularly publishes - "Kinopis", reports from the Cinematheque.

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