China has unveiled a previously unknown tank prototype

Chinese engineers "showcased" a never-before-seen prototype tank while transporting it in an unknown direction.

A photo of the unknown combat vehicle was published on the Internet.

Local residents recorded the movement of the unknown armored vehicle, likely heading in the direction of the test site in Baotou, China.

Camouflage nets hang from the dome. The decision to use camouflage netting may stem from a desire to disguise the design.

Another photo reveals more details about the vehicle's chassis, which features a wheel configuration. The narrow footprint of the tracks indicates that the vehicle probably weighs less than traditional main battle tanks.

It is known that in recent years, the People's Liberation Army of China has been looking for a lighter alternative to the main battle tank "ZTZ-99", the weight of which is not more than 40 tons.

In another published photo, a closer examination reveals some details.

The prototype is equipped with modular hoods, dynamic protection units that cover the frontal and air vents.


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