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China on alert: London considers 'new Wuhan'

China is on high alert again after a report on a new strain of the coronavirus was discovered in London, the city now considered the "new Wuhan", from where, according to scientists, the virus began to spread, write the media in Asia.

Wuhan  has called on China's Civil Aviation Authority to ban passenger flights from the UK, and is considering suspending cargo flights from the country after the route was re-established in September, according to Asiatimes.com.

Some Chinese officials and scientists have argued that the Covid-19 virus may not have originated in China, and the Chinese state-run Yangtze daily says the developments in the UK could be "new evidence that the virus has more versions and multiple origins ".

Internet users in Wuhan call London "the new Wuhan" and wonder if the newly appointed British ambassador to China, Carolyn Wilson, may have brought a new strain of coronavirus to their city after spending four days in mid-December and being seen without a protective mask at several official events.

Wilson arrived in China from the UK in late October and spent 14 days in quarantine at the embassy in Beijing, and according to some media reports, The new strain of the virus was first discovered in September in the south-east of Britain.

In Wuhan, which was blocked from February to April, there have been no cases of local transmission of the covid-19 virus since May, according to China's National Health Commission.

Britain will impose even stricter measures after the new type of crown spreads across the country

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