Kim Kardashian is coming to Serbia in June! The reality star starts a business in Belgrade

Kim Kardashian / Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

As he exclusively learns Serbian "Kurir" from a source who is familiar with the visit plan in detail, the most famous reality star comes into the world with his children Belgrade.

The main reason for the visit is the opening of the first store of her fashion brand in Belgrade, and on that occasion Kim Kardashian will also attend a big party in her honor, which will be held in an exclusive place.

- Kim arrives in Belgrade from Germany, more precisely from Gelsenkirchen, where together with his sons Saint and Psalm, they will attend the European Championship, more precisely the match that the Serbian national team plays in the group stage against England on June 16. Her children are big fans of the Premier League and English footballers. Her entire team will be with Kim, and she will land at the Belgrade airport with her private plane "Kim jet", which she bought a few years ago for an incredible 150 million dollars. They will stay in the presidential suite of one of the most famous hotels in the capital. He will stay with us for a total of two days - said the interlocutor for "Kurir" and added:

- In addition to personal security, Kim will have additional 24-hour security at her service, who will follow her every step. She is coming to Belgrade on the occasion of the opening of the first store of her fashion brand in this part of Europe in a shopping center. On the same evening, a big party will be organized in her honor, at which some of our A-list entertainment personalities will be present - the source told "Kurir", revealing what Kim demanded from the organizers in order to make her visit happen.

The starlet had special wishes when it comes to the sights she wants to visit in Serbia.

- Kim expressed her desire to visit the temple of Saint Sava during her stay, which she saw in the pictures and was delighted, as well as Kalemegdan and the part along the river. She asked the organizers to make an exit available for the staff working in the hotel, as well as to have ten different cars as decoys at any time to avoid the paparazzi who will surely follow her around the clock. In addition to this, she expects her apartment to always have bouquets of fresh flowers and food delivered to their room. Kim from Belgrade is leaving for Paris for the Men's and Women's High Fashion Week - concluded the interlocutor for "Kurir".


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