Kyiv: Russia is recruiting convicted women from the occupied territories of Ukraine

Alexander Yermochenko

Russian forces in Ukraine are recruiting convicts from penal colonies in the occupied regions of Ukraine to help with their military activities, according to a Ukrainian military report.

"To make up for the losses in manpower, the enemy is trying to attract convict women to participate in the war. In one week, the occupiers recruited about 50 women from the penal colony of the city of Snizhne, in the temporarily occupied area of ​​the Donetsk region. We received information that they have been sent for training on the territory of the Russian Federation," the report of the Ukrainian military, reported by "Sky News", states.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenski stated that the situation on the front in the east of the country is worsening and that Russia is "throwing more and more troops into the fight".

"I have often had to say that the situation at the front is difficult and that it is becoming more difficult. .. They invest more and more of their forces in breaking our defenses. Now it is very difficult in Bakhmut, Vuledar, Liman and other routes," Zelenski said in his address

Bloody battles for three cities, Zelensky accused Russia of "throwing more and more troops into the fight"

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