The man from Kichev who was suspected of having monkeypox is negative

Photo: Profimedia

The test of the person from Kichevo who was tested for monkeypox today is negative, the spokesperson of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, Zlate Mehmedovic, told MIA tonight.

- The patient is negative, there is no need for further isolation, the only thing that remains is to be treated for the underlying disease, but how it will be treated and when the isolation will be lifted will be decided by the Center for Public Health from Bitola, which leads the health surveillance, said Mehmedovic.

This was the first patient suspected of having monkeypox but refusing to be tested.

The President of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, Aleksandar Petlichkovski, emphasized at the last press conference regarding this case that there is no legal possibility to force the person to be tested, because this is not a disease that is followed by mandatory isolation, but there is only a recommendation. But, as he said, there is an opportunity to ask for health supervision.

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