Keanu Reeves gifted John Wick stuntmen a Rolex

Photo: Printscreen - Instagram

Keanu Reeves has treated the stunt team of the latest John Wick film to Rolex watches worth more than €8.000 as a thank you for the epic fight scenes in the new film, which critics have called "one of the best action movies ever".

Bruce Lee Concepcion, Jeremy Marinas, Dave Camarillo and Li Qiang are the four stuntmen with whom Reeves spent the evening in a bistro in Paris, where he presented them with the gifts.

Photo: Printscreen - Instagram

It is a personalized Rolex Submariners watch, a model that the company says is the first diving wristwatch water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters, launched in 1953. Reeves opted for a model that was launched in September 2020 and retails for around €8.300, Robb Report writes.

According to the media, these watches are quite difficult to obtain due to the incredible demand, and Reeves managed to acquire as many as four examples. But the actor did not stop there because he engraved a personal message on each watch.

Photo: Printscreen - Instagram

"The John Wick Five," reads the back of the watch, and next to the cast member's name, "Thank you... Keanu... JW4 2021."

The stuntmen were delighted with the gift, and one of them, Jeremy Marinas, said on social media that the gift was "the best gift ever".

In addition to thanking the entire assembled crew after filming, Reeves gave the stuntmen T-shirts with the numbers "death" as many were "killed" multiple times in the film, some of them as many as 20 times.

As a reminder, fans were so excited by a scene from the filming of the John Wick sequel that they demanded that the stuntmen get a raise.

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