Kenya begins construction of a nuclear power plant in 2027

epa08780446 An exterior view of a part of the Nuclear power plant of energy company RWE in Biblis, Germany, 28 October 2020. According to media reports, a planned transport of nuclear material from the Sellafield nuclear site in the UK to the German Biblis nuclear power plant will take place in November 2020. EPA-EFE / RONALD WITTEK

Kenya will start building its first nuclear power plant in 2027, Anatolia reports. According to Business Daily, the head of the Kenya Nuclear Energy Agency, Justus Wabuyabo, said that preparations for the tender for the construction of a nuclear power plant in the Kilifi region have been accelerated. He added that they plan to start building the complex in 2027.

For the realization of the project from six to 10 years, Wabuyabo emphasized that it will take six to 10 years to implement the project. The facility, which upon completion will have a capacity of about 1.000 megawatts, is planned to meet the needs of Kenyans.

In 2021, the International Atomic Energy Agency gave Kenya permission to start infrastructure work for a nuclear power plant, Politika rs informs.

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