Kate Moss will testify in the trial of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard

Kate Moss
Johnny Depp, Kate Moss and Amber Heard / Photo: EPA-EFE

The model Kate Moss, the ex-girlfriend of Johnny Depp, will testify in court in the case in which the ex-spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Depp is suing Amber Heard for $ 50 million in defamation, and the lawsuit has become arguably one of the greatest Hollywood soap operas of all time, with viewers around the world watching it almost daily.


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People magazine writes that a source close to the actor confirmed that Moss should testify tomorrow, Wednesday, via a video link. The reason for her testimony is that Amber Heard mentioned her at the trial earlier this month.

Johnny Depp
Ex-spouse Amber Heard and Johnny Depp / Photo: EPA-EFE

Hurd mentioned Moss when she told of an alleged conflict between Johnny Depp and her sister Whitney Henriquez. The actress said that Depp waved his hand at her sister, after which she "immediately remembered Kate Moss and the stairs", and then hit the actor. Depp's lawyers rejoiced when Hurd mentioned Moss because it gave them the opportunity to call her as a witness to challenge the actress's statement.

Hurd also mentioned the alleged incident with his ex-girlfriend and the stairs in the controversial article in "The New York Post" in 2020.

Moss and Depp were in a relationship from 1994 to 1997, and it was known that their love affair was explosive. So Depp was once arrested after destroying a hotel room during an argument. The actor later admitted that it was difficult for him to reconcile business responsibilities with private life, while Moss said that for years it was difficult for him due to the breakup.

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