Kathimerini: Athens is waiting for Skopje's next move

Athens will wait for the government of North Macedonia to be sworn in before deciding on the actions it will take if Skopje insists on not respecting the Prespa Agreement, Foreign Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis said on Monday, reports Kathimerini.

"Greece strictly follows the observance of the agreements. The government of North Macedonia has not yet taken the oath, so we will wait for the development of events," he said after meeting with his Egyptian colleague Sameh Shukri during a visit to the country.

He added that for the time being "there is no intention to activate any criminal procedure".

"These issues will be evaluated by the Greek diplomacy, as well as, of course, by the EU in the context of the accession process of North Macedonia," said Gerapetritis.

Earlier, he told Radio 98,9 that the Prespa Agreement "is an international agreement, which has been ratified, and cannot be changed or revised unilaterally."

In addition, he described it as "a very, very basic node on which the international position of North Macedonia is built" and that therefore it is understood that the EU is "assessing the issues of the Prespa Agreement and its full and consistent implementation." "

The political leadership of North Macedonia, he emphasized, "will evaluate these issues and respect the requirements of the Prespa Agreement."

Gerapetritis also underlined the Greek government's hard line on the need to stick to the deal, which was opposed by the then-ruling New Democracy (ND).

"We must adhere to what was agreed, not because we agree with it, but because it is a condition of continuity and stability, which was created as it was created. And in any case, we cannot formulate a one-sided framework on which to build political careers," he emphasized.

His statement came a day after US disappointment was expressed by Assistant Secretary of State Elizabeth Allen, who was in Skopje on Sunday.

"We support the Prespa Agreement and were disappointed when we saw that the president did not use the full and official name North Macedonia," she said, referring to the new president of North Macedonia, Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova.

"The United States is in constant dialogue with the new government and hopes that the new leadership of North Macedonia will respect international agreements," Allen said.

Her statements were seen as justifying the Greek government's position not to proceed with immediate ratification of the three memoranda of understanding with North Macedonia that were included in the Prespa Agreement, as demanded by the opposition SYRIZA.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis repeatedly repeats that the memoranda will not be ratified if the Government is not convinced that Skopje will respect the Prespa Agreement, writes the Greek newspaper.

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