Kasami: We hope that DUI and the coalition will be a constructive opposition

Photo: Free Press

The president of the BESA movement Bilal Kasami expects DUI and the collation to be a constructive opposition, expressing hope that it will also be a corrector of the government.

"We hope that DUI and the coalition will be a constructive opposition in the values ​​we believe in, the results of the Government are directly dependent on how consolidated and strong the opposition is." DUI has the numbers, we hope that they will also have the will to be a constructive strong opposition, corrector of the government. So that the citizens can benefit from a government that will work for them", said Kasami.

The president of the Besa Movement, Biljal Kasami, emphasized that the proposal for the law on the organization and work of the state administration bodies will not be withdrawn as it was written in certain media, but the proposal will need further clarification, and more details will be agreed upon.

"There are some changes. There was an initial idea to transfer kindergartens from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to the Ministry of Education. In the additional negotiations we had with the mandate holder, we agreed that they would remain in labor and social security during this period. There will be reorganization in other institutions as well. "The proposal of the law has been withdrawn so that we do not proceed with amendments, it will be released during the day with the amendments," said Kasami.

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