Kasami will not be a member of Parliament, he will remain the mayor of Tetovo

Biljal Kasami / Photo: "Free Press" - Dragan Mitreski

The president of the Besa Movement, Biljal Kasami, informed today from Tetovo that he will not be an MP in the Parliament as part of the Vredi Coalition, but will remain the mayor of the municipality of Tetovo.

The innkeeper will take his place Imerlie Saliu which is eighth on the candidate list for MPs of the "Vredi" coalition in the Sixth Constituency.

In a statement to the media, Kasami said that the negotiations with VMRO-DPMNE to form a new government are going well. According to him, the principles of functioning of the next government are being discussed, programs are being harmonized, etc.

At the "Open Day" event organized by the secondary schools in Tetovo, he expressed hope that the negotiations will result in a government that, as he said, will be competent, with professionals, that will be with people who will work for the state and the citizens without difference of their ethnicity.

- We are aware that in a multi-ethnic state and society such as Macedonia, not all ministers can be Albanians and Macedonians. But what is important is that anyone in a ministry should work for all citizens regardless of ethnic, religious or other affiliation. At this stage, we have an understanding between the partners who agree on the next Government that regardless of who will sit in which chair, it will have to work for all citizens. This is very important for us because in the past, although there were many ministries that were led by Albanians, even those ministries did not work enough for Albanians and for others, for Macedonians and other citizens. So ethnicity is not the most important for us so that we we are realizing what we have promised, said Kasami.

When asked if it is known how many ministerial positions will be distributed among the partners, Kasami emphasizes that when there is a final agreement, it will be announced to the public.

- It is part of the negotiation strategy, we can ask for half of the Government, we can be offered very little, but in the end we will come to what will be the most suitable for all partners in the next Government. Most importantly, in the interest of the citizens, he said.

Regarding Ali Ahmeti's statement that the re-voting on Wednesday could bring inter-ethnic tensions, Kasami commented that it happened in the past.

- Everyone speaks to himself with what he knows how to do. Ali Ahmeti, that's how he agreed in the past and that's how he acted in the past. Ali Ahmeti knows how he got these mandates that he got now. That is why he is panicking. We are simply saying to give citizens the opportunity to go out and vote on Wednesday. If he is sure of those votes he got, he should be calm that he will get them again. If he knows that he got them in a way that is not democratic, not fair, not the free will of the citizens, that is why he is in a panic. We say that we need to create conditions on Wednesday for those citizens to come out and vote freely so that we can say who will be their representative in the Parliament. We hope to have a good result, said the leader of the Besa Movement.

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