Kasami invited the "Fire" and Alliance to the opposition front, they rejected him

Alliance for Albanians and the "Fire Group" in DUI today refused the invitation sent to them by the president of Besa and the mayor of Tetovo. Bilal Kasami, to join a common opposition front. AA says Kasami's invitation is "divisive".

"Biljal Kasami, the Alliance for Albanians is not just a parliamentary group, it's not just MPs, and even less a group of mercenaries that you call contacts with the membership of the Alliance for Albanians. AA is a whole political structure with its hierarchy and political structure that extends in every city, village, neighborhood, from Lipkovo to Bitola. From your small age as a politician, we do not expect big words to come out, but only words with divisive messages and to say that you are not ready for big things", stated the Parliamentary Group of the Alliance for Albanians.

The Messenger of Besa, Fadil Zendeli, says that the opposition front is not only for the two parties Besa and Alternativa, but is open to all MPs, non-governmental organizations and experts who want changes in the Albanian political scene. According to him, Alliance has already determined its path.

"It was the good intention of President Kasami that this opposition group be as broad as possible, but in reality the president of the Alliance previously stated for the Albanians that they intend to have joint lists with DUI." Maybe they chose their path. They for their work, we for ours," Zendeli said.

Kasami's invitation was also valid for the MPs of the so-called "Fire Group", the faction in the ruling DUI led by Izzet Mejetti и Blerim Bexheti. "Fire" welcomed the initiative for an opposition front, but replied that they will continue the battle in DUI. While that is the case, they say, cooperation is impossible.

"We are interested in cooperating with them. But as long as they claim to be part of DUI, this cooperation becomes somewhat impossible. We are an opposition party. Our goal is to lead DUI into opposition, and as long as there are ambiguities in this direction, such cooperation is impossible," Zendeli added.

Besa and Alternativa last week signed an agreement for joint participation in the opposition front. The two parties, which emerged from a common tree several years ago, are already planning to form a joint parliamentary group in the Parliament.

The opposition front of BESA and Alternativa will insist on deleting the term "20%"

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