Karpošani will not follow the Council sessions live soon, Jakimovski did not sign the decision

Council of the Municipality of Karposh / photo: MIA / illustration

Despite the fact that the councilors voted a Decision for live broadcasting at the meetings of the Council of the Municipality of Karposh, and the Municipality confirmed that a procedure is underway to ensure the conditions for live broadcasting, it seems that this will not happen. Residents of Karpošani who are interested in what their elected representatives decide on in the Council will have to be content with municipal announcements, those who are able can also attend the sessions that should be open to the public or read the decisions in the municipal official gazette. were adopted at the session.

Mayor Stevco Jakimovski did not sign the decision made for the Council to broadcast the sessions, that is, as it is officially stated in the Official Gazette, he made a decision to stop the announcement of the Decision to broadcast live the sessions of the Council of the Municipality of Karpošna, made at the extraordinary 24th session of the Council , because "the regulation is not in accordance with the positive laws and by-laws".

As it is said in the explanation of the decision, the decision was proposed by the councilor Tatjana Stojanovska, and based on her proposal, the Department for Support and Organization of the Council's work prepared a draft decision. Both draft decisions were submitted within the legal term of 7 days to the members of the Council, but the decision proposed by the expert service was on the agenda of the session. Until the day of the session, none of the members of the Council submitted a written or oral comment regarding the title of the proposed decision in the agenda.

Article 60 of the Law on Local Self-Government defines the obligations of the municipal administration and in paragraph 1, point 1 defines that the municipal administration prepares the acts for the council and the mayor, in paragraph 2 defines that the municipal administration prepares the Council Sessions, as well as the sessions of its permanent and temporary committees and in paragraph 3 defines that he performs professional work for the council and the mayor - it is stated in the explanation.

Furthermore, as it is said, the procedure for making decisions is defined in the Rules of Procedure of the Council, according to which the proposal - the decision is delivered through the president of the Council to the mayor, who directs the drafting of the act to the expert service in the administration.

 The proposed acts that are subject to consideration by the Council are drawn up in the form provided for in the subordinate legal acts. In particular, the act must contain the following elements: the reasons why it should be adopted, the content of the act and the rationale - it is said, among other things, in the rationale.

But according to "Nezavisni za Karposh - For the Protection of Karposh", whose ranks Stojanovska is a member of, they claim that the reasoning is based on untruths.

Tatjana Stojanovska submits a proposal for an agenda item for the 22nd session and that proposal is for the cancellation of the decision to ban filming - as she publicly promised. At that session, it was agreed to withdraw that point and for the coordinators to coordinate a decision at a coordination meeting. At the coordination meeting, a draft decision was presented and accepted for the live broadcast of the sessions of the Council of the Municipality of Karposh. Proposers are several councilors, it was sent electronically to the President of the Council and properly published 7 days before the beginning of the 23rd session. The professional support service of the Council prepares its own version of the decision and adds Tatjana Stojanovska as a proposer without question and without her consent. This debatable version of the decision was put on the agenda signed by the president of the council - Branko Ristov. Due to the fraud that was exposed to us, we agreed to move the debate on this point to the end, we stopped the 23rd session. An extraordinary session was convened with the item on the agenda - the one agreed upon and passed with 20 votes for and two against - wrote from "Nezavisni za Karposh - For the Protection of Karposh" on Facebook.

From there, they add that all actions are documented by them and will be reported to the competent institutions.

Otherwise, for the proposal - the decision that was not written by Jakimovski, the councilors will have to declare again, at the next session which will be held on March 30.

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