Karmic horoscope: What is the destiny assignment of each sign?

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Although the names of the individual characters of the karmic horoscope are the same as the names of the ordinary horoscope and coincide in time, their explanations are completely different. By reading them here, you may better understand some deeply hidden corners of your character and your tasks.

The earliest records of karma are found in the ancient Vedas, scriptures created in India 5.000 years ago. The word karma comes from the Sanskrit root word kri – meaning "to act". Vedic sages and theologians refer to karma as primordial or "without beginning".

The reason for such designation lies in the fact that karma is an integral part of every living being from the moment of his arrival in this causal material world, and therefore its consequences can be very old. The living entity in this material world, because of his desires, reaps or enjoys the fruits of his karma or activity.

For every effect there must be a cause and an effect that must be exactly equal to the cause. That is the law of karma. This is the logic of eternal justice, spiritual and moral balance.

It is wrong to look at that system from the point of view of reward and punishment; it should be seen correctly, as the law of cause and effect. Karma is a school. But a living being can change that state with his desire and way of acting. Therefore it is necessary to develop spiritual knowledge.

Here you can read how you will live your life more easily with the karma in question and what your tasks are.

Aries (21.3.–20.4.)

People born in this period are karmically assigned exceptional energy, bordering on aggressiveness, and at the same time escape from monotony and self-criticism. By properly using their innate qualities, these people will more easily complete their life task, which consists in finding balance within themselves. Torn by both inner trials and outer challenges, they will find it difficult to find the peace and security they long for until they learn to cope with life through self-sacrifice and failure and when their paths are strewn with flowers. All they have to do after numerous ups and downs is to find the strength to let go of the past without regrets in order to continue living in the present, always looking exclusively forward. They must, without bitterness and self-pity, allow experience to be their life's teacher and find joy and inner fulfillment in flexibility and understanding of life, spirituality and acceptance of their own and others' limits and possibilities.

Taurus (21.4.–20.5.)

The karmic task of people born under the sign of Taurus consists in creating and opening their own spirit and finding the way to wisdom, understanding and flexibility. These people are born with security and self-confidence, which should be the basis of their inner development. Behind their explosive reactions and tendency to subjugate the environment to their will and expectations is usually hidden doubt and fear that a change of opinion or circumstances will bring them some kind of loss and defeat and especially criticism from those around them, whose opinion is important to them. Utterly principled, these people listen and don't listen and see and don't see, living in the mistaken belief that exactly what they consider to be the truth is the only truth. Therefore they must learn to fight against their extreme stubbornness and conservatism. Their task is to control their own energy, which will allow them to act less in the direction of achieving the given goals, and devote themselves more to thinking, analyzing and inner life, which will open the way to spirituality.

Gemini (21.5.–21.6.)

The karmic task of Gemini is to find harmony in their dual nature. Skilled, mobile, curious and fickle, they hardly complete the tasks assigned to them, although they try to complete them. They always shift the blame for the failures that result from such behavior onto someone else, thus avoiding facing the very essence of their problems. They are narcissistic in nature, see themselves as better than others, consider it their right to expect the best positions and recognition, but do not realize that such things have to be earned. Because they are attracted to spiritual things as well as earthly things, they must learn to overcome their superficiality, mood swings, and contradictions between their thoughts and actions. In order to achieve inner balance, they should devote themselves to meditation, reflection and self-critical analysis of their own actions, with particular patience and persistence. In this way, they will learn to recognize the solutions to their problems in what they could not see before.

Cancer (22.6.–22.7.)

Cancer's karmic task is to develop its primordial nature. They have developed spiritual awareness, which should now be the basis for building a life. That is why they must get rid of excessive emotionality, which creates a need for them to constantly prove love, attention and loyalty. By their nature, Cancers are not warriors and it is completely unrealistic to expect them to be combative or aggressive. When they are forced to fight for their beliefs, they regularly come out of these wars as losers, which is a big blow to their self-esteem and creates new complexes and frustrations for them. Since such a struggle is unfair and disturbing, they should avoid it. Instead of war and weapons, calm self-assurance and confidence, based on their true and proven qualities, will become their strongest weapons. When they realize that the spirit and the body are a whole, they will work on their own independence and understand that facing life does not have to be painful.

Leo (23.7.–23.8.)

Leos bring a developed awareness of reality to the present life. They possess an optimal state between spiritual and material aspirations and know how to satisfy themselves and their environment. In all areas of their lives, they expect their authority to be respected. If, however, despite their qualities, they exaggerate in egoism and self-centeredness, they will disrupt the development of their personality. Their karmic task is to constantly listen to what others have to say and with an open and unencumbered spirit to learn from them and help. Because they have an innate ability to distinguish right from wrong, if they trust their instincts they will not be in danger of "swallowing" anything false. Honesty, openness and simplicity will open every door for them. They must not look down on those weaker than themselves and judge life's values ​​solely according to their own standards. They must understand life in all its diversity and accept it.

Virgo (24.8.–22.9.)

People born in this period are karmically granted self-discipline, with which they acquire the ability to have the right attitude towards material values, work and learning. They consider it their duty to control their feelings in the name of higher goals. With such actions, which are incomprehensible to many people, they unconsciously isolate themselves from those people who strive for warmer interpersonal relationships and who misinterpret their insecurity and fear of intimacy as arrogant coldness and inaccessibility. Therefore, the task of this sign is to learn to care for others and to express affection and love both with words and deeds. They must refrain from criticizing and never stop trying to understand others' motives. Although they are capable of giving as well as receiving, in everything they do they think too much about themselves and their position in general, so they need to make more efforts to recognize their own feelings and rely more on them, thus avoid endless self-analyses that forever give rise to new doubts, build confidence in yourself and in your decisions.

Libra (September 23.9–October 22.10)

Libra strives for a balance between spirit and matter and finds it difficult to decide on any action. Mild and conciliatory, they do not want to get involved in conflicts, even at the cost of losing self-confidence. But turning their backs on problems and always looking for the easier way, they mostly do not achieve anything good, but only set a series of new obstacles on the way to building their own personality. Their karmic task consists of accepting risks and making changes in their statics. Only after opening up to challenges, risking their false stability, can they expect greater success in life. Sometimes they learn this only through falls, which occur because of their excessive instability and sensitivity and their ability to convince themselves that they are fine even when they are not, and only after exhausting all other means will they begin a struggle to prove their abilities. If they manage to stand in the way of their own inertia, the lesson learned in this way will prove useful in the future. The key tasks of this sign are strengthening courage and initiative.

Scorpio (23.10.–22.11.)

People born under the sign of Scorpio have enormous energy, which if not sufficiently controlled can become destructive. They must always keep in mind that the possibilities of choice lie within themselves and are not imposed on them either by the circumstances or by the opinion of the environment. Their hedonistic nature puts them at the center of all events, causing them to confront it. With honesty and faith, not violently, these people must first learn how to lose and quit with dignity, in order to prepare for the responsibility that comes with success. The karmic task of this sign consists in developing logical thinking and suppressing passions. Their motivation is equally related to the desire to conquer spiritual heights, in which case they must know how to curb their fanaticism and self-indulgence. Insisting on solving conflict situations with people who for various reasons consider them enemies or opponents – instead of eliminating or ignoring them – will help their self-development the most.

Sagittarius (23.11.–21.12.)

People born under the sign of Sagittarius know their place in the world and are not burdened by internal crises and conflicts. Having a balance between spirit and matter, they can possess material goods and enjoy earthly success, provided they remain grateful, open and generous. Sharing, reciprocity, attention and understanding, as well as helping and protecting the weak, powerless and lost should become their main task in life. The right choice for them is building wisdom throughout life, without the desire for judgment or revenge. The expressed awareness of their own abilities will be best used if they use it for some common good, instead of focusing on satisfying their own needs. Since their appetite can easily become too great and turn into greed, their karmic task consists in building inner peace and avoiding any form of selfishness and possessiveness. They must clearly and objectively choose the goals of their actions, not wasting energy where it is not needed.

Capricorn (December 22.12-January 20.1)

People born under the sign of Capricorn are karmically endowed with the ability to elevate spirit above matter. They strive to attain superior knowledge and often go through various trials along the way. Throughout their lives, they often face misunderstanding from the environment, which hardly accepts their ideas or attitudes. Sensitive at heart, they don't adjust easily and usually mask their true feelings with rudeness. When they have to choose, they will choose criticism over understanding, and sometimes revenge over forgiveness. They cannot give up the taste of victory, even at the cost of such pleasure that it brings them more harm than good. Therefore, they must learn how not to be cynical and negative towards their environment, trying to prove their intellectual superiority. The recognitions they receive are often deserved, but when they receive them, they sometimes do not know how to show warmth and gratitude. On the other hand, their readiness for self-sacrifice and renunciation sometimes borders on fanaticism. They must avoid isolating themselves in silence and solitude and forcing themselves into social contacts. They need to learn to open up and have intimate relationships with other people.

Aquarius (21.1.–19.2.)

People born under the sign of Aquarius are karmically burdened with difficulties in resolving conflicts with their past. A restrictive upbringing, morality and fear of authority limit their free and unencumbered spirit, imposing too much sanity and caution on them to dare to let it truly take flight. These people are often victims of imposed compromises, fictitious obligations and responsibilities, which they use to justify their lack of courage to create their lives according to their own wishes. Their flight to extremes is due to insufficient awareness of the possibility of choice. They must fight against their inner chaos and take responsibility for their actions. They fear reactions and criticism from the environment, so although they are generous and love people, they constantly live in fear of being betrayed and abandoned, preferring apparent safety to open challenge. They justify their actions with altruism and higher goals, although sometimes it is just fear of the consequences of their own actions. To truly accomplish their task, they must accept risks.

Pisces (20.2.–20.3.)

Although the sign of Pisces is karmically endowed with a great ability for intuitive thinking and action, the members of this sign are often confused by the reactions and pressures of the environment and are bound by the desire to please everyone, to fulfill the demands and expectations that are not within their control. interest. If they make a mistake, they will stand and suffer the imaginary punishment that they have imposed on themselves, considering it to pay off the debt, instead of changing the situation. Whatever they do, they should rely on their own instincts and not pay too much attention to reason or other people's opinions about what is good for them. Since their feelings are usually accurate, all they have to do is match their actions with their emotions. They don't need to fight, it's enough to be honest and surrender – asking for something means both getting and giving. Their karmic task consists in avoiding force and seeking their own way, without yielding to the demands of others. They must decisively eliminate all situations in which they are forced to do something that does not suit them.

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